You can change keywords at any time. Once a keyword has been changed, the system will remove any mentions containing the old keyword from that campaign.

You will see an Over Limit Premium Keywords notification when you have reached the set quota amount for Premium Keyword. To replenish your quota, you can either remove unused keywords or upgrade your package.

When browsing mentions, you can use your mouse to highlight any word(s) within a mention, right click, and add the word to one of your keyword sets, or excluded keywords.

When adding keywords, using the minus sign between two words tells the system to gather mentions containing the first word but NOT the second word.
Example: If you add ‘cheese -burger’ you will be shown mentions that include ‘cheese’, but you will NOT be shown mentions which include ‘cheese burger’ or any mention that includes both words.

When adding keywords, use the plus sign between two words to gather mentions that include both words, but not necessarily adjacent. The two words can appear anywhere in the mention.
Example: If you add ‘cheese+burger’ you will be shown mentions which include ‘cheese burger’ and you will also be shown mentions such as: ‘burger with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and cheese’

The data shown will match the keywords the user added, this includes the use of spaced words.
Example: If you add the keyword ‘homemade’, you will be shown data which includes ‘homemade’ but NOT mentions which include ‘home made’ or ‘home-made’. If you add the keyword 'homemade’ you will be shown mentions which include ‘home made’ but NOT ‘homemade’.

If you add a keyword with a hashtag ‘#’ in front of it, the system will collect only mentions that contain the keywords with a hashtag.
Example: if you add ‘#Fried Chicken’ you will be shown data which includes the ‘#Fried Chicken, but NOT the data which includes ‘Fried Chicken’.

However, if you add a keyword without a hashtag, the system will also collect mentions that contain the hashtag.
Example: if you add ‘Fried chicken’, you will be shown mentions which include ‘Fried Chicken’ AND ‘#Fried Chicken’.

Excluded Keywords are keywords that you want to the system NOT to gather mentions of (these are sometimes called negative keywords).
Example: if your keywords include ‘bulls’ but you don’t want to see results for the Chicago Bulls basketball team, you could enter the word ‘Chicago’ into Excluded Keywords and those mentions will be excluded, giving you more accurate data.

Popular Keyword Suggestions are similar to suggestions that appear in a search engine search bar when you type in search terms. They are suggestions to help you in choosing the best keywords for your campaign. Simply click on any of the Popular Keyword Suggestions to add it to your keywords.

To input keywords go to 5.CAMPAIGN KEYWORDS PLANNER on the Create Campaign page or Edit Campaign page.