Campaign and Data Management

1. Open the Social Mentions Dashboard.

2. Select the Channel List menu and create a channel file.

3. Search for the channel you want to save. Click on the space next to your profile picture and click Save Channel on the right-hand menu.

The 'Keep' function is used for storage or saving of data to view later. It can be used as follows:

1. Open the menu you are interested in.

2. Click the 'Keep' icon, when the mark turns yellow, it means the save was successful.

The Keep function allows users to save specific mentions for viewing later.

To use the note function, click the Add Note button, type your note in the box and click ‘OK’. Your note will now appear in blue text under the mention. Only you can see your notes.

The Save Channel function allows users to save all mentions from the selected channel for viewing later.

To view the mentions in Keep:
-Go to the Mentions Console
-Click Advance Mentions Filter in the top right of the page.
-Click Keep mentions near the bottom of the page and select ‘Yes’
-Click ‘Search’, the system will now show only the ‘kept’ mentions.

When browsing mentions click the ‘Keep’ button to add the mention to Keep, the button will turn green once the mention has been ‘kept’.

To export mentions data individually:

-Go to the Mentions Console.

-Select the Platform and search for the Mention you want. When you find it, select it by ticking the box on the left of the mention. 

-Once you have selected the mentions you’d like to export, click ‘Export’ in the top right corner, then enter the email you want to receive data in the Selected Filtered Mentions box and click the ‘Download’ icon in the format that you prefer (Excel or CSV).

You can export the data* from your campaign. To select which data you’d like to export, open the Export page by clicking ‘Export’ in the top right corner of the Social Analytics page.

*does not include Facebook or Instagram data

To export data:
-Go to the Social listening Analytics page
 -Click the ‘Export’ button in the top right corner 

-The Export page shows the options for exporting data, including which data you would like to export.
-Add the email address that you want to send the exported data to and click the ‘Download’ icon in the format that you prefer (Excel or CSV).