Account Storage

1. In the case of Account Mentions, if your quota is full, please delete any inactive projects or campaigns to free up space for new information. 

2. In the case of Monthly Mention Usage, if your quota is full, you have to wait for the system to reset the quota in the next usage cycle. (Check from the date of activation of the system)

Number of mentions that can be gathered per month. At the end of the monthly cycle, quotas are returned to the full number, based on the package.

You can check the reset cycle from the menu Credit > Date (the first day the system was activated).

Example from the graph: From the picture, 18,069 / 2,000,000 Mentions have already been used in this data quota.

Account Mentions is your account's storage for collected mentions. When a project or campaign is deleted, the storage quota will be returned immediately. The amount of storage depends on the quota of each package.

An example from the graph: From the figure, 472,014 / 2,000,000 Mentions storage space has been used.