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8 Life-Changing Apps

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There’s an App for That! 

Apps to Save You Time, Stress, and Money:

Sometimes, an app can change your life. We’ve all experienced that moment where you’re trying to complete a task or you find yourself getting annoyed with a problem you didn’t even realize could be solved until a friend casually butts in, saying “hey, there’s an app for that”. “What… really?” “Yeah, check this out…” Your friend pulls out their phone, swipes a couple of times and… BOOM. Life changed. The right app can save you work, time, pain, and even money. It can improve your life to the point where you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it. Here are some annoying everyday problems that may be familiar to you, and 8 apps that could change your life.

You’re shopping in a store and they’re playing a song you’ve never heard but you’re loving it! Who’s the artist? How can you find out what song this is? Nobody else is paying attention and the store staff are too busy to talk to you. If only there was a way your phone could listen to a piece of music for just a few seconds and tell you the name of the artist, the track, and where you can get it. Well, there’s an app for that.

1. Shazam has been a popular mobile app for some time now and it keeps on improving its functions. It’s easy to use, just tap and hold and the app will detect the music that’s playing (usually within a few seconds), then display all the track information with links to wherever it’s available so you can search, stream or download it right away. It’s a must-have for any music lover.

You’re on a weekend trip with a big group of friends, you all go for breakfast, then stop for gas, you have to pay a park entry fee, now it’s lunch, ‘hey let’s get drinks’, ‘let’s go to that place next’, ‘wait, who’s paid and who hasn’t… and who paid for gas this morning?’ ‘I didn’t pay for lunch or breakfast’ ‘who owes me money, and who should I pay?’ arghhh! How can you keep track with a large group and so many different meals and expenses to pay for? Don’t worry… there’s an app for that. 

2. Splitwise is a bill-splitting app that will save many headaches. Nobody wants to be the designated accountant for the weekend, with Splitwise you just add everyone’s names, and then all the expenses paid by the group as you go, then when you’re ready to settle, the app will calculate who needs to pay what, and who needs to collect. It’s great for a dinner with friends, for housemates or for personal and family finance as well. Brilliant!

You’re staring at a computer screen and your brain is blank. ‘What’s my password again? No, that one’s for my bank… I think…or it’s for my other email. Which other email? This password needs a capital letter and a number. How am I supposed to remember all these passwords without writing them down?’ No problem, there’s an app for that.

3. 1Password is a top-ranked free password manager that lets you store all your logins and passwords in one secure place – think of it as personal virtual safe that only you have the key to. A recent study found that the average person uses around 100 passwords, and with cybercrime and data breaches a bigger problem than ever, security experts strongly recommend not to use the same password for multiple logins. If you’re one of the 2.5 million people still using 12345 for all your accounts, this one is definitely for you.

You’re cooking a gourmet dinner, you’ve been to the grocery store and bought all the ingredients on the long list, except… ‘oh, no!’ You forget the (insert obscure exotic ingredient here). Wait, surely there’s something in my pantry that I can substitute for it. How can I know what’s best alternate ingredient to use and be sure the recipe will still turn out great? Guess what… There’s an app for that.

4. Substitutions can save your dinner plans and/or save you a frantic trip to the store after dark in your pajamas by providing expert recommendations on what will work best as a substitute ingredient from what you already have in your kitchen. 

For vegans or those with allergies who constantly struggle to find suitable replacement ingredients when cooking, yes, there’s an app for that too. Substitutions Diet and Allergies is basically the vegan and allergies version for peace of mind and tasty meals.

You’re in a waiting room, an airport lounge, or a crowded bar and the television in the corner is showing an interesting-looking movie but the volume turned is down. Unfortunately, you’re lip-reading skills aren’t great and you’d love to be able to hear what’s going on. What if you could pop your earbuds in, point your phone at the TV screen, and your phone would quickly know which channel is showing and play the audio through the phone? That’s right … there’s an app for that. 

5. Tunity does exactly as described. It’s one of those brilliant apps that you never even knew existed. You’re welcome. 

You’ve just flown to a city on weekend trip and it’s time to pick up your rental car at the airport. Your choices of vehicle are limited - either cheap but small and basic, or a larger family sedan that looks like every other car in the parking lot, or pay a lot more money for a European luxury car like you’re an executive on business trip. All three options are available in either grey, white, or grey … *yawn*. If only there was a service that connected owners of cool or interesting cars with people who’d like to rent something different. Imagine if you could spend the weekend driving a convertible Mustang, maybe you need a Jeep to explore off road, or get where you’re going in a hurry in a 911 Porsche. Yep… there’s an app for that. 

6. Turo is a car rental website with thousands of cool and unusual cars that you can rent directly from the owners. Some of the exotic cars don’t come cheap, but how often do you get a chance to show up in a Lamborghini ? 

You’re an aspiring app developer and struggling to think of an idea for a new life-changing app to create. You’ve brainstormed and researched but it seems like all the good ideas have already been taken, there’s already an app for everything! If only there was a way to find out what social media users are saying about the apps they use. The billions of users on social media platforms are constantly sharing their every single thought and opinion on the things that they like, they don’t like, what annoys them, what they’d like to see, and what they want from their apps. If only there was a way to search social media platforms for mentions of specific keywords so you could get real-time insights on what users are saying. Well, have I got news for you! That’s right, you guessed it…(drumroll)… There’s an app for that.

7. While it isn’t a mobile application, Mandala Analytics is a life-changing platform that gives you the power of big data analytics, while being accessible and easy to use. It’s not just for app developers but can be used by just about anyone who wants to gain valuable insights from across the entire social media landscape.

You carry around a smartphone with you that has millions of times more computing power than the computers NASA used to send astronauts to the moon. Sure, you check your social media feeds, you play games, or you shop, but most of the time this incredible technology is not being used for anything at all, it just sits on your desk or in your pocket. Imagine if there was a way to put the computing power of your phone to good use and help scientists to find cures for cancer or other diseases, or even to identify new stars in distant galaxies by donating your phone’s processing capabilities. There really is an app for that!

8. BOINC is an Android app developed by researchers at Berkley University, who said “there are about a billion Android devices right now, and their total computing power exceeds that of the largest conventional supercomputers”. This decentralized computing app only runs when the phone is plugged in or above 95% charge so that it doesn’t run your battery down, only works when connected to wifi, and could help solve some of humanities biggest problems or search for alien life forms… which would easily make this the most life-changing app in the list.

Leave a comment if there’s an app changed your life. What was it?

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