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Content Engine for individuals and teams

Get creative and stay organized. With Cosmos you create customized feeds and playlists to share, collaborate, track and monitor social media profiles and keywords, as well as discover new trends and popular posts, hashtags and keywords – all integrated with Analytics. Cosmos is your daily social monitoring and content tool.

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Mandala Cosmos

Creative Data Intelligence with Powerful Analytics for anyone!

If Cosmos is your everyday platform, Mandala Analytics takes it to the next level, with in depth analytics for market insights, social listening and deep data drilling for detailed analysis of campaigns, market trends, benchmarking and competitor tracking with detailed reports for your team.

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Mandala Analytics
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The familiar experience of powerful Mandala AI meets the convenience and flexibility of mobile. Perfect for monitoring social profiles, tracking social mentions, curating content on the fly, receiving notifications, and sharing with friends or team members anywhere, anytime.

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Nebula Application

All Mandala AI products are each powerful standalone platforms designed to work alone or as complementary modules in the Mandala AI ecosystem to energize collaboration and team success.

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How to use social media as a customer service tool

Customers spend 20 to 40% more with companies that interact with customers on social media.

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The power of word-of -mouth marketing on social media

80% of consumers make buying decisions based on a social media post from someone familiar.

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Social media analytics to analyze crucial marketing data

91%of marketers value a tool that enables their teams to review, analyze, and act upon customer and marketing data in a continuous and real-time fashion.

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Nami and Mandala AI

Nami is a skincare and beauty brand specializing in small-portion products, including foundation and lotion. The brand started out offering a range of skincare products in regular-sized bottles, tubes, and packets. When Nami entered the market, they had success with a few of their products selling well, but it was not easy. They found that various groups of consumers have specific needs and tastes.

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Mandala AI is built to grow with you.