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New Feature! Reply & Comment via Ripples

You’ve asked for an easier way to manage audience engagement. We’re pleased to announce that with Mandala, you can now view comments and reply to your social channels more conveniently and quickly via Ripples! 

View All Comments 

After adding the channels to Ripples, you can click View All Comments to show all comments in that post (excluding Instagram and TikTok). 


Comment & Reply  

For your owned social channels in Ripples, you can now view and reply to comments while using Mandala. 

First, select ‘Add from Channel Library / Own Channel’.

Then, click ‘Add Own Channel’ 

The platform will sync with your profiles, and it will show on the ‘Channel Library’.  


After you’ve added your profiles in Ripples, our feed will show ‘Comment and Reply’. 

Package details 

View All Comments, Comment and Reply are enabled for all paid tier subscription packages including Starter and above



Check your quota by clicking ‘Credit’ and choose ‘See Your Package’. 

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