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How ABC Marketing Agency doubled their client base in six months using Mandala AI

“As an agency, our clients want to see metrics so they can properly evaluate their ROI, the reports we provide them are crucial. With Mandala AI, we simply set up a campaign and let it collect and analyze the data. We can update the clients on an ongoing basis with easy-to-understand reports that have all kinds of metrics showing where and when the engagement occurs and what kind of mentions are coming in. Our clients are impressed with the level of detail we can give them, and it costs us next to nothing in staff hours.”

 ABC Marketing Agency specializes in social media marketing for a wide range of brands and organizations. They started using Mandala AI to help understand different audiences and to track the performance of both clients and competitors, and to help their clients gain social media followers and engagement on posts.

Track and benchmark performance, spot opportunities.

Mandala AI’s Analytics allows ABC to get real time data on all the relevant social media channels and use this data to fine-tune social media posting for the better results by seeing what types of posts and content get the highest and most positive engagement, which time of day is best for posting for certain audiences, and spot opportunities to collaborate with leaders and influencers in any niche. 

“Social Media Marketing is all about understanding different audiences. With a diverse range of clients, we need to be able to quickly understand each audience group, where they are, how they connect, and what they’re into. This is impossible without a good analytic tool, and mandala’s is the best we’ve found. We get to know our clients’ target audiences better than they do!”

Metrics for anyone anywhere

Mandala AI’s gives users quick digestible updates on the fly with basic metrics like post engagement and popular post times and can also give deep dive analytics perfect for research, projects and campaigns.

 “We use Mandala AI as a daily monitoring tool, as a creative tool when we’re planning content and doing branding, and as a full analytics platform to evaluate our marketing campaigns. The system makes it easy for us to identify any issues as they come up as well. The whole team uses it daily.”

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