Mandala : Use Cases

Customer and Sales

Knowing exactly what the customer wants helps to improve sales
tremendously, enhances social customer care and response to
customer complaints, giving you the opportunity to react
before it's too late.

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Use Cases


Knowing what converts to sales

A successful sales pitch often comes down to important factors within content. Allow yourself to find the best sales components and tactics for converting the audience to your customers.


Be competitive

Realize the market and competitor offerings to their clients, giving you the edge to react and adjust your sales strategy - fast.


Craft unbeatable promotions

Find hidden promotional content and factors - whether it’s the price, promotion, package, discount, best sales advertising image and PR wordings as well as other offering. Craft the best promotion to your target customer.


Know the pricing for your customers

Find what pricing works best for each product or campaign by benchmarking against your competitors or substitute products in your industry.


Crisis Management

Spot and react to a crisis before it spreads. A single mention can affect a business tremendously. Mandala helps by finding the mentions that should not be overlooked.

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