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Content Strategy

Knowing what content works best and relevance for your audience - is
key to a successful content strategy. You may discover new topics,
be inspired by others and innovate your original content that sure
to works than guesswork.

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Use Cases


Be inspired and creative

Intelligent dashboard provides critical information to the most relevance data when you most needed. Dashboard also provides data drill functions for you to dig deep until you gain the insight.


Curate popular contents

Keep popular publicly available contents that allow you to study anytime. Mandala Analytics is able to export public data to excel or csv files for you to analyze further.


Meet the unexpected

You never know what content works best. Some content get the most engagement and attention even we never knew their existance. Find hidden formula from successful content – study, emulate, and authenticate your own original content.


Content that speak for your customers – right content, right people, and right time!

Mandala helps you personalized content, capture the attention and convert your content to your right target audiences.


Discover audience content affinities

Understand the interests of your audience, and gain insight what is the optimal content for each target audience profile.


Measure and Benchmark Content Performance

Analyze content in any industry or topic. Monitor and benchmark your own content against your competitors.

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